Welcome to the first episode of Gettin' Ready For Summernats 35 where we check out some of the finest machinery that's headed for Canberra this January.

In this episode JBens and Webby head to Elite Custom Interiors where Simon Judd is working around the clock on Craig McKenzie's 1 FATHR Holden ute. Many will know the car from it's previous yellow and silver look but it's now had a full rebuild and if you're like us you'll be excited to see it finished and on display at Summernats 35.

While at Simon's workshop we also checked out Astill Design's BOSSXC interior that's been in the works for some time. Simon was tasked with creating a trim that's based around FG Falcon interior and making it fit and blend with XC Falcon interior - a hybrid trim of both cars.

What's very cool is Simon Judd is also a judge at Summernats. It was great to have a chat with him only a few months out from the event!

See both of the cars shown and spoken about in this video at Summernats 35 this January 5-8 2023.