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Red CentreNATS 08 Burnout Masters Qualifying Highlights

Stacks of top-end burnout cars made the trek to the middle of the country for a chance to compete in the Burnout Masters at Red CentreNATS 08. With three Summernats 35 golden tickets up for grabs and a stack of prize money, the competition ran hot all night long.

LYNCHY Burnout car

LYNCHY opened up the night of qualifying at Alice Springs Inland Dragway.

A total of 30 burnout cars sent it out on the pad on Saturday night in the Masters class for a chance to qualify for Sunday's competition.

Check out the action via the YouTube video above.

Reckon you've got what it takes behind the wheel and want to join us out on pad in 2023? Get your Red CentreNATs 09 entry in today and we'll see you in Alice!


Red CentreNATS 08 burnout masters:

  • Wal Gersekowski - 1TUFHG
  • Peter Grmusa - ATRISK
  • David Cufone - NOVAKILL
  • Robert Cottrell - 4DH8RS
  • Rick Fuller - FULLONX
  • Jono Kelly - 3FIVE5
  • Steven Cliff - WRANGA
  • Ryan Pearson - HOLDON
  • Andrew Lynch - LYNCHY
  • Billy Seton - ONTICK
  • Frank Paesel - RUB1OUT
  • Brody Diwell - OVRDNE
  • Todd Stewart - UNFAZD
  • Gerry Clare - TUFF4L
  • Harry Seaman - HAZARD
  • Adam Howell - HOWLEY
  • Rebecca Harris - VSAUCY
  • Jack Seaman - LOOSEQ
  • Ryan Lofts - ORWHAT
  • Ryan Smith - INSINR8
  • Christopher Smallmon - BLWNVY
  • Gilbert Kassebaum - RUF008